Our Portfolio

Typical management consulting is characterized by consultants doing the work on behalf of their customers. This is neither efficient nor is it sustainable.

In our LEAN-Consulting approach we are enabling our customers and their teams to learn and understand how to achieve best results. Results through enabling.

In the workshops and trainings we are enabling your teams to manage and implement the right projects in the right way for the future of your enterprise.

Selected examples for trainings and workshops we are successfully conducting for our international clients are:

  • Leading the digital business transformation
  • Applying digitalization to your business
  • Business model transformation
  • Create and manage profitable growth
  • Strategic management and business planning
  • Agile methods in product development
  • Innovation as a competitive advantage
  • Creating financial value in key account management
  • Generating and defending competitive prices in sales
  • Procurement knowledge in sales
  • Supply chain management and procurement core learning program
  • Commodity management
  • Analysis methods in procurement
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Financial acumen for non-financial functions
  • Negotiation excellence

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